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Let’s step it up a notch! Your little one is about to start running rings around you because #independence (can you say persistent?) This stage can find a lot of parents floundering about wondering what the heck to do next (hint: you’ve probably tried everythinggggg)

What’s Inside:

  • Learn the best ways to support sleep in your home so there’s less fight and more ease in your day (and night)
  • Understand what the heck is going on with these sleep leaps (they come thick and fast during this time) and don’t forget peaks of separation anxiety(sos)
  • Master our tips, tools and strategies for settling and re-settling your little one in ways that feel-good for you
  • Find out how to get naps, nights and early morningsrocking in your favour
  • Get the goss on common sleep disruptions andtransitions, ain’t no time to be stuck in that for longer than necessary
  • Current safe sleep recommendations so you’re making fully informed decisions for your fam – you do you
  • And this is just SOME of what’s inside!

The 9 Month – 2 Year Sleep Guide

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