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What Our Clients Say

  • I cannot speak more highly of Courtney. She came into our lives as a confident, professional expert who now feels more like a friend than a consultant! Within a couple of days our 2.5 year old was sleeping through the night, and within a fortnight my 7 month old was waking once a night. I’m still in shock! I feel like myself again, our family is happy, and we’re all getting a good nights sleep! I would hand on heart say that Courtney saved us. She is a beautiful soul and I cannot recommend her enough.
    Jacquie Kilday (2.5 yo & 7 mo)
  • Whoever said ‘sleeping like a baby’ was a good thing must have had sleep training. Courtney is simply amazing. She is so conscious of parents’ styles/preferences and has provided gentle settling guidance to suit us above and beyond what I could have expected. Not only did we receive a detailed assessment of our little one’s sleep, she provided a schedule, contingency plan and made regular contact to check in. She has certainly made this process easier than I could have ever imagined. With her help, I have gained confidence in getting my little one into a routine and feel so assured moving forward that we can get through any sleep issues that may come up.
    Lindsey Gottleib (5 mo)
  • Courtney was the exact support I needed! She was understanding, patient and thoughtful. She maintained regular contact with me throughout our time together and when sickness hit my family she kindly paused the support in the sleep training to give us time to get better however she still provided advice about what to do during the sickness. She answered all my many questions clearly and was very knowledgable. The result has been amazing! I now feel human again! One wake up most nights now and significantly increased confidence in my ability to help my beautiful boy sleep soundly! Thank you!
    Gwen Kerrison (4 mo)
  • I am so grateful to Courtney!  From the minute we began she gave me a new sense of confidence. Not only did she reaffirm that I was on the right track, but with only a few changes to his daily schedule he is much happier baby. Having Courtney was like having my very own cheerleader who was always on my side and without any judgement. Her check-ins are great and she was always happy to answer any questions – regardless of how many times my Mum brain asked them. I now have a baby who has consistent daytime naps, sleeps through the night and more importantly doesn’t wake us up at 5AM. Thank you so much for all that you have done to help our family.
    Katrina Neill (10 mo)
  • I was really nervous about starting sleep training but Courtney quickly made me feel completely at ease. Courtney took into consideration my request for a gentle approach, I felt completely supported throughout the entire process. Everything was explained so clearly that I quickly gained the confidence I longed for around our little ones sleep. Within days we made huge improvements and I now feel like I have the tools to overcome any issues that might pop up in the future. Our little one went from feeding to sleep to self-settling and sleeping 12+ hours at night. Life changing!
    Grainne Stauch (5 mo)
  • We are so grateful for Courtney's help as our first child was a great sleeper and we were at a loss with our second. Courtney was kind and understanding and her recommendations were not only comprehensive but very practical. We were able to implement her strategies easily as every scenario was covered. Our daughter had established a great bedtime routine within several days.
    Lisa (3 yo)
  • Working with Courtney has been a life changer. Our 1 year old daughter would wake every 2 to 3 hours and would love to stay awake from 2.30 to 4.30 each night. Courtney came up with the game plan and gave us tools and techniques to change up her routine with a few tweaks and implement gentle techniques to help our daughter to learn to self-settle. With Courtney’s support we were sleeping through the night 4 nights in!! We never felt like we had been doing anything wrong to promote our daughters bad sleep habits. Courtney supported us all the way through and were given back up strategies if we were not seeing our great results continue. Thank you Courtney!
    Jodie Hunt (12 mo)

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