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This is the time many parents find themselves doing some craaaazy things (you know, the things we said we’d never do) to get their little ones to sleep. Learn how to cruise on through all the twists and turns that pop up between 3 – 8 months

What’s Inside:

  • Learn about sleep biology, sleep hygiene and what to expect around day and night sleep,
  • Get the down low on all things naps, (yep even catnapping), early wakes, overnight feeds and routines to support a chilled out sleep situation
  • Master our tips, tools and strategies for settling and re-settling your little one in ways that feel-good for you
  • Find out exactly what to do when it all goes so wrong, I’m looking at you sleep disruptions (think growth spurts, developmental leaps, teething, separation anxiety and sickness) and transitions (like bassinet to cot, ditching the swaddle, travelling, daycare and dummies)
  • Current safe sleep recommendations so you’re making fully informed decisions for your fam – you do you
  • And this is just SOME of what’s inside!

The 3 – 8 Month Sleep Guide

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