Sleep Support

Done with living in zombie mode? 
Ready to THRIVE rather than just survive?
Then let's get to it!

Every client I work with just wants to see their baby happy, healthy and SLEEPING well and honestly, who is kicking parenting goals in the depths of sleep deprivation? Not me guys, not me.

So how can we help?
  • We take time to get to know you and your family
  • We do an extensive analysis of your current sleep situation
  • We take a holistic and scientific approach to sleep
  • We ensure an age-appropriate plan personalised to your family
  • We use responsive and evidenced-based settling techniques
  • We provide future recommendations so you are ready for the next sleep transition 
  • And most of all – we place NO judgement! We all do what we do to get through! 
What do we cover?
  • Safe sleep essentials
  • Responsive settling & re-settling techniques
  • Realistic napping and overnight expectations
  • Soothing techniques
  • Tired signs & awake times
  • Positive sleep hygiene & habits
  • The science of sleep
  • Working with your baby's biological rhythms 
  • Transitions for dropping naps
  • Nutrition evaluation
  • Worrying behaviours
  • Nightmares & night-terrors
  • Behaviour support
  • Sleep log analysis & troubleshooting
  • & so much more!
Get in touch for your
to discuss your situation!


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