Positive Parenting Education & Consultancy

It's time to start feeling like the boss parent you are!

Learn evidence-based, effective and practical ways to minimise those tantrums, meltdowns and power struggles - all with our support along the way!


Begging, bribing, bargaining on repeat?

We get it! Anything to stop those tantrums, meltdowns and power struggles right?! But what if there is a better way?

Do you want to be that cool-calm-collected parent no matter what get's thrown your way (figuratively and literally)? Then get in touch!

We have tips, tricks and trouble-shooting goods to save your sanity and calm that chaos! This stuff is a game changer!

We help you...

  • Encourage the positive behaviours you want to see more of!
  • Minimise tantrums, meltdowns and power struggles!​
  • Raise happy, strong, resilient kids!
  • Implement practical strategies + constructive consequences​
  • And feel damn proud and confident in your parenting!


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